Your Book Monopoly Review Part Four

book monolopy logoYour Book Monopoly Part Four, focuses on producing audiobooks.

Okay, I will admit, I was not looking forward to this section of the course. In my mind the thought of creating audiobooks from my eBooks has always been followed with a lot of dollar signs. That is the down side of having a friend who does voice-over work and is the voice of OnStar and the voice you hear in airports telling you the moving side walk is ending along with the white zone is for loading and unloading only.

Truthfully, I have never given it a chance, so now is the time. Right off, Rachel points out, “If you convert your book into an audiobook, you’ll be able to reach a whole new audience of people you couldn’t have before.” I never thought of it that way. And, to take care of those dollar signs I was so worried about she tells you how to get your book narrated for FREE.

Wanting to keep the process simple, she gives you a resource that includes two options. Using both options will maximize your exposure. This resource also distributes to the top three (3) audio book resources used by consumers.

There are two (2) options for recording your audio books. If you would like to bypass this part and totally outsource the process, there is an additional bonus training template available for download.

You will find detailed information for working with a narrator and guidelines to follow so there are no surprises with your audio book when delivered. A unique portion of this section includes a lengthy and very informative example of conversations back and forth between Rachel’s assistant and a narrator used for one of her audio books.

Last but not least is an explanation of the bounty program used by this service, which could put an extra $25.00 into your bank account.

Your Book Monopoly Review Part One

book monolopy logoYour Book Monopoly Review Part One focuses on a physical book.  Most of us have published at least one Kindle book, or want to in the near future. From personal experience, I can tell you that is a perfect start, but it will not make you rich any time soon. If you are like me and have been on the fence about turning your Kindle eBook into a physical book, now is the time! There will be no excuses after going through this course.

Rachel gives you a couple of resources for doing just that and one of them includes a resource for the must-have ISBN number(s) you will need – at a discounted price.

She points out the importance of using each of the resources gives you and the pros and cons of each. One I am familiar with and the other one I have not used. I can’t wait to learn more about it later in the course. It will be exciting to expand my horizons in the publishing world. FYI: my hard dive is full of publishing courses and not one of them have mentioned the second resource much less what it can do for you (covered later in the course.)

Remember, you are not simply publishing a book to Kindle in this course. You will have to think big! You are creating a book monopoly and that means being seen everywhere by as many people and buyers as possible.

There is a definite publishing order in which to set up your book monopoly. Put one step of the process out of order and you will most likely lose the game (sorry, I couldn’t resist.) To be on the safe side, I made a cheat sheet of the publishing system, so I could easily repeat it with zero stress later on.

One resource has an application review process. Depending on the new account volume at the time of your submission, they will notify you via email in two or more business days regarding the status of your application. Rachel also points out that there is a $37.50 setup fee for this resource.

UPDATE: I submitted my application on Saturday, May 25th. and received my acceptance and membership information on Tuesday, May 28th. Not bad for a holiday weekend.

Think ahead and be sure to follow the resource links provided to sign up for each resource – well in advance of your book publication date. Waiting until the last minute could throw your schedule off by a week or more.

Another unique twist to this program is that Rachel ends this section with a list of what you will have accomplished.

Now it is on to section two. Wow, this monopoly game is moving fast.