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Your Book Monopoly Review Part Five


book monolopy logoYour Book Monopoly Review Part Five. Having your book translated into other languages. This section accelerates your book to a totally overlooked high leverage revenue stream you may have thought impossible to tap into. Rachel says it best, “while people in the states may not want to spend a ton on books, especially with all the $.99 books on Kindle right now…the markets are nowhere as saturated in other countries.”

You will be doing the entire Your Book Monopoly process again and double your income in the process.

Don’t panic – she goes into great detail about the costs and gives you six (6) resources and their individual pricing for translating your book. Once again, for good measure she also gives you a less expensive way of having your book translated through a service she has used personally.

You will find copy for a job-template guide to insure you provide the correct information. Be sure to pay close attention to the purple cow reference. It will eliminate a lot of stress and frustration for you.

She ends this section by telling you how to check the quality of your translated book. She brings up a great and cautionary point about using services that charge as much a 7 cents per word. You will also find six (6) resources for publishing your translated books.

Your Book Monopoly Review Part Four

book monolopy logoYour Book Monopoly Part Four, focuses on producing audiobooks.

Okay, I will admit, I was not looking forward to this section of the course. In my mind the thought of creating audiobooks from my eBooks has always been followed with a lot of dollar signs. That is the down side of having a friend who does voice-over work and is the voice of OnStar and the voice you hear in airports telling you the moving side walk is ending along with the white zone is for loading and unloading only.

Truthfully, I have never given it a chance, so now is the time. Right off, Rachel points out, “If you convert your book into an audiobook, you’ll be able to reach a whole new audience of people you couldn’t have before.” I never thought of it that way. And, to take care of those dollar signs I was so worried about she tells you how to get your book narrated for FREE.

Wanting to keep the process simple, she gives you a resource that includes two options. Using both options will maximize your exposure. This resource also distributes to the top three (3) audio book resources used by consumers.

There are two (2) options for recording your audio books. If you would like to bypass this part and totally outsource the process, there is an additional bonus training template available for download.

You will find detailed information for working with a narrator and guidelines to follow so there are no surprises with your audio book when delivered. A unique portion of this section includes a lengthy and very informative example of conversations back and forth between Rachel’s assistant and a narrator used for one of her audio books.

Last but not least is an explanation of the bounty program used by this service, which could put an extra $25.00 into your bank account.

Your Book Monopoly Review Part Two

book monolopy logoYour Book Monopoly Review Part Two focuses on placing your book in libraries. Truthfully, as a Kindle publisher I have not given much thought to this high leverage source of revenue.  Of course the thought crossed my mind a time or two, but then the reality of actually making it happen immediately erased the thought.

Until now! The numbers alone will make your head spin with possibilities. Of course like anything worth doing it will take a lot of work on your part, but the end results could be staggering. Satisfy the seven-qualifiers listed and you are ready to move on. It will take work to get your book into libraries, but the end result will be worth it.

You will learn who has the budget to purchase your books and the months in which they make their purchases. Once again, if you have not purchased your ISBN number(s) and published your book in the correct step-by-step method presented, you will be hurting your changes of achieving the genius of this book marketing program. There are no shortcuts here.

The next part of this section is pure golden and explained in detail. So read carefully, make a system check list of your own and follow the links for additional information and resources. The first tip and information following it are totally unique and not something you would normally think about. It just goes to show you how one thing can follow another, not to mention how much work Rachel has put into bringing you added value.

The infamous “review” issue comes up again, so I strongly suggest you pick up a program on how to generate quality reviews for your book.  Rachel’s program Rolling In Reviews is a great place to start.

FYI: buying reviews from Fiverr.Com is not a quality review and will been seen-through for what it is in a heartbeat. Rachel also gives a new resource for seeing how your book is doing once you have followed the information in this section.

Book Marketing 102

Now for the hard work, actively making your book salable in order to get noticed by this high leverage buyer. One of the tips is about nonfiction books. If that includes your book, remember the rule of thumb is to provide solutions for your reader’s problems. For libraries that translates into perceived need by their patrons.

You will also receive eight (8) very important links to must-have listings. Never overlook a download link in this course. Rachel and her team have done the hard work for you by adding examples and personal templates to use, along with detailed instructions on how to use them.

She ends this section with a few more tips on getting your book noticed and branding yourself as “the expert” through marketing.