Content Curation

2011-07-01color-blog-graphic-150x133I am asked daily about content curation. What is it, how do I use it and will I be criticized by anyone for using it. There are so many misconceptions about content curation the questions could go on forever.

Blogs are a lot work! There is no such thing as an auto blog, or a blog that you do not have to work hard to produce. Of course you could use a hired staff or virtual assistants to write your blog, but that usually comes after several months of assigning them other work that you review and okay.

One should never allow another person to become the voice of your blog. Once you know for sure your assistant can write like you do (your voice), then you can gradually turn the work over to them.

Why Should You Consider Content Curation Information?

 One of the oldest and most popular magazines in the US market is Readers Digest. Why do you think it has had such legs and is still so popular? Actually, it is very simple – first and foremost it has content that fits into the short attention span of the American public.

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